We're pulling together our entertainment at the moment, meanwhile take a peek at what we had to offer at our 2017 event...

The Atlas Backpackers

Whether you love the hustle and bustle of a room packed with backpackers or prefer your own space to reflect on your adventures, there is no denying that hostels are a staple of the traveller world. With that in mind we'd like to welcome you all to the Atlas Backpackers; the place to relax, meet fellow explorers, share stories and tips, and perhaps have a dabble on some classic board games while enjoying a few sociable drinks! We aim to make this area feel like a real hostel; warm, welcoming and down-to-earth, based on our years of staying in the most varied accomodation around the world and pulling all of the best bits into one amazing place.


What's Happening Here Then?

The Atlas Backpackers is situated next to our beautiful lake, so if the dancing gets too much you can kick back and relax and watch the world float by. We have dorm style beds if you want to stretch those weary, well-travelled bones or plenty of rugs if you need to cosy up as the night draws in.

Board games, giant Jenga, playing cards, you name it- we will (probably!) have it. This is the place to meet other travellers after all and how better than battling it out over a classic backpacker game.

Bring your preloved books and engage in our book swap. As in every great hostel, our bookshelves are full of other well read treasures waiting for you to discover.



Unlike most other festivals, Atlas draws on the travelling experience and we encourage single attendees as much as couples, friends and family. We've had plenty of solo tickets sold so don't miss out on an incredible experience because you are nervous coming by yourself!

We encourage you to find festival buddies as you explore our stunning parkland, and meet fellow explorers with our exclusive SoloHour in the Atlas Backpackers each day. SoloHour starts at 12pm each day in our unique hostel, giving you chance to explore the festival a little alone before meeting up with other festival goers that are keen to buddy up. You may come back with friends for life!


The Adventure Park, Sponsored by Indi Clothing Co

The adventure capital of the world, New Zealand, inspired us to create this outdoor centre to give you a taste of some of the world's best activities. Try your hand at rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding and simulated activities (such as snowboarding and surfing), or perhaps unwind with classic yoga classes or martial arts. The choice is yours, all included with your ticket!


What's Happening Here Then?

Yoga classes- no need to book, just turn up for the class and let's go! 

Martial arts- there will be a varied martial arts program over the 2 days, again just turn up and join in. Or if you are feeling too zen to get the adrenaline going then watch participants learn these sacred arts.

Rock climbing- we have a large rock climbing mobile wall for you to come and conquer. There's a great view of the festival from up there!

Stand up paddle boarding- have a taster session of the most talked-about water sport of the year in our large and beautiful lake (subject to water level at time of event). Guided by a professional instructor, it makes for a sociable outdoor activity the whole family can get behind.

Snowboard and surfboard simulator- whether you fancy your chances as a powder monster or a rip fiend there's a chance to hone those skills with our sporty simulators. Or just watch people fall off their boards...



Workshops, Classes & Talks


Some people do travelling well. So well that we want them to share their experiences, adventures and expertise with their fellow globetrotters. The workshops, classes and talks consist of anything from travel blogging to travel photography, budget backpacking to serious flash packing, where to go in 2017 to what time of year to set off. We have a great selection of tutors, guides and speakers who are experts in their relative fields, all here to enhance your travel experiences.


What's Happening Here Then?

Here are just some of the workshops, classes and speakers that are going on over the 2 days. We are out finding you the best travel-inspired classes the world has to offer so keep checking back for updates:

Vicky FlipFlop's Travel Blogging and Writing- a guide to getting the best out of your blog. 10:30 Saturday 29th July.

VickyFlipFlopTravels is one of the UK's top travel bloggers, and in her own words her mission is 'to inspire my readers to travel differently, independently and to see places they might not have thought of before.' Vicky FlipFlop has so many inspirational stories to tell and we are excited to announce she will be hosting 2 fantastic interactive talks exclusively for Atlas!

Vicky FlipFlop has been travel blogging for over five years now, for three of those her blog has been her full time income. Her well read Travel Blogger High series has helped thousands of potential travel bloggers learn more about the industry, and how they can make their mark in it. She reveals what it's like to be a full time travel blogger today, her top tips for starting, maintaining and promoting your blog and is here to answer your burning questions too. 

 Ray Mears Bushcraft Talk- useful tips for the outdoor life. 12:00 Saturday 29th July.

Over the past two decades the name Ray Mears has become recognised throughout the world as an authority on the subject of Bushcraft and Survival. He has also become a household name through his various television series, including Tracks, World of Survival, Trips Money Can't Buy with Ewan McGregor, The Real Heroes of Telemark and many more.

These programmes have reached out and touched the hearts of everyone, from small children to grandparents. They are enjoyed by many because of Ray's down to earth approach, his obvious love for his subject and the empathy and respect he shows for indigenous peoples and their cultures.

It is obvious to some, and a surprise to others to discover that Ray has spent his life learning these skills and is truly a master of the subject he calls Wilderness Bushcraft.

 Justin Miles, Explorer and Inspirational Speaker- his journey. 14:30 Saturday 29th July.

In March 1999 Justin was involved in a life changing car accident. The car accident resulted in brain injuries and the brain injuries left him having to learn to walk and talk again.

Rather than accept the situation that he found himself in, Justin took the decision to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an ‘explorer’. Challenging recovery norms and medical opinions at the time Justin turned his dream in to a tangible objective, developed goals to give him progression, direction and motivation and then set about turning his dream in to reality.

Justin persevered through failures, disappointments, setbacks and the ever-present battle with the lasting effects of his injuries and now he’s living the dream. His adventures take him all over the globe and his experiences are used to benefit charities and to support education initiatives around the world.

Drawing on his experiences, Justin entwines important messages with his sometimes jaw-dropping expedition and life stories which range from battling back from brain injuries to tearing his abdominal muscles open whilst on an Arctic winter expedition. 


Vicky FlipFlop's Budget Backpacking- your guide to travelling on a budget, and what gear to pack. 16:30 Saturday 29th July.

Vicky FlipFlop travelled 5 continents over three years, non stop. With any money spent equalling less time on the road, she's become highly efficient at backpacking on a budget. Come along and learn more about the tips and tricks she picked up to travel for as long as possible: from flights, to food, to accommodation and more. 

Ben Blainey's Travel Photography- the way to take the best, most enviable Instagram-worthy photographs. (Sunrise Class in the Long Haul Campsite)

For those Atlas travellers that are staying with us in the campsite and like to rise early, we have 2 exclusive Sunrise Photography sessions for you to learn more about getting great pictures. Ben, our lovely host, explains more:

"My name is Ben Blainey and I am a Photographer from Dorset. Using the world as my inspiration I have spent the last 10 years travelling to find intriguing subjects within beautiful landscapes and unique cultures to practice my art.

I will be hosting 2 sunrise photography workshops at the Atlas Festival Saturday and Sunday morning which will last around 2 hours. The workshops will give the opportunity for anyone to learn some new skills and capture some beautiful shots around the grounds for sunrise and golden hour. Whether you have a camera or smartphone there will be plenty of opportunity to have a hands on experience and learn a few photography tricks, all while enjoying the best part of the day."

No need to book, just turn up and join in with whatever device you have!

Dream Destinations 17/18- where and when to go over the next year.

Laboratorium Piesni Singing Workshop- traditional singing workshops. 13:00 Sunday 30th July.

Laboratorium Pieśni leads traditional singing workshops, using author’s method of work with voice, body and breath, inspired by trainings of Centre for Theatre Practices GARDZIENICE and music works of Grotowski Institute, in its forest base in Brzezinka (Poland). Workshops are an opportunity to meet within a song, creating a space for free creativity for those who have a natural need of vocal expression and would like to start (or continue) an adventure with the voice and traditional songs, as a material for work.

Comedian Martin Semple. 14:30 Sunday 30th July.

Martin Semple is a comedian and ex soldier with the Household Cavalry regiment; he has served as part of the horse guard for the opening of parliament and as part of a military tour of Afghanistan. As a comedian Semple calls on many of his experiences as a soldier, drawing comic relief from some of the most high intensity situations of the recent Gulf conflict. His ability to turn potentially terrifying situations into hilarious material for his work as a comedian mark Martin Semple as a genuinely unique and hugely talented member of the stand-up comedy circuit.

Meditation- clearing the mind and relaxing the body.

Cooking Classes- meet some of our food traders who will show you how to create some of the delicious world dishes that you can taste at the festival.

Luxury Travel Diaries- how to travel in style.



The Long Haul Campsite Marquee


For the Long Haul campers only, you will have exclusive access to our Long Haul Campsite marquee, which also houses the Long Haul Campsite Stage. Open from Friday 28th until Monday 31st, there is plenty to offer including music, classes and films to keep you entertained.

What's Happening Here Then?

In addition to the fantastic up-and-coming bands we have lined up to keep you partying into the early hours (see here), we also have the following:

Cinema Screen- showing the best of travel, exploratory and inspirational films.

Sunrise Yoga- what better way to wake up than gently stretching your body whilst the sun comes up?

Sunrise Photography with Ben Blainey- capture the light creeping over the treetops whilst the rest sleep off their hangovers.

Dedicated Bar and Catering Outlet- so you don't have to go far for your morning coffee or nightly beer (or nightly coffee and morning beer- we don't judge!).

We are working hard to find many more great classes for you to enjoy, keep checking back to see what we have found...

Minster FM Grand Summer Tour

Minster FM are bringing their Grand Summer Tour to Atlas Festival- The World in a Weekend! Sitting pretty in our Long Haul Campsite from around 4pm-7pm on Friday 28th July, they will be hosting fun games and giving you the chance to win prizes and meet the Minster FM team!

Secret Pop Ups

Imagine sitting in the sun with your friends, absorbing the rays and the friendly atmosphere, sipping your choice of beverage. Imagine then getting engulfed in a whirling clash of gorgeous patterns, stepping samba feet and rhythmic drums. Being part of a Rio Carnival right before your eyes. Or watching the latest fashion garments and designs parade before you on the grass with your own personal Parisian fashion show. Many more experiences await the adventurous traveller... Our pop up performances bring the best of the world to you, and as they are in secret locations you may just find yourself inadvertently on the Frow!

What's Happening Here Then?

It's a secret! Trust us, the pop ups are worth finding...

Also, the passport that you get with your lanyard will find a use at the event.... collect your travelling stamps, collect prizes....

Journeys end in lovers meeting.
William Shakespeare